• Links:

A link can be entered directly in the Input box. (It will be automatically recognised and marked as a link after sending.)

Take Care! : Links remain as a fixed component of your message and cannot be removed later!

  • Conversations-Attachments

In order to be able to make attachments of pictures, audio, video or othr data in a conversation, you need access to your  Data Manager in security sector "Code Blue". Your specially secured "Blue Cloud" saves any of them for you, as well as from external, uploadable files. 

Upload, (Browse...) \name (if desired), 

or select an already existing file, done.

The assignment to communication, emergency data or genealogy are entered for each file automatically and is clearly listed under "Details."

You remain the master of your data, even if you have been removed from a conversation! 

The texts remain stored there, but your attachments can be removed at anytime, by the removal of  the picture links to the conversation in your  Blue Cloud/Details.

But: Gone is gone! You cannot insert anything else in the old place!