... for your security, for sure!
Our mission is to offer you the option to be and stay the maintainer of your data in any way of life. The features of Grappt enable you to decide „who“ is allowed to acces your data „when“ and on „what way“. Only you select the persons of your trust.
Public, dynamic study of Covid-19 disease / vaccine effects / antibodies. Help provide robust data on symptoms, antibodies, and immunity duration following Covid 19 disease/vaccination. Here you can participate in our public study

Study dynamics allow new vaccines, new symptoms, new viral variants to be statistically evaluated without loss of time as soon as they become topical. Further inf.

Evaluation of the study "Anti-Sars-CoV-2- Immunoglobulin G (IgG) - concentration in blood vs. saliva". Call here
Messenger included Start conversation with the Grappt-Community via our Messenger mobile or on pc. Further inf.
Data base of the deceased Search or complete our data base of the deceased and find or add your forefathers, prominent figures and historical charcters. Further inf.
Our shop Purchase premium plates, cards, keychains or necklaces that display your personal QR-Codes Further inf.
Cooperation Partners index Search, find and evaluate the company, community or organisation of your demand. Filter Name, Address or line of business. Find now
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Online data-storage included Store data files and share them with your selected users or link them to Emergency- or Memorial-Pages Further inf.
Emergency/Vaccination Data Optionally book emergency pages to quickly provide your emergency info in case of an emergency or to show your vaccination certificate any time. Further inf.
Memorial Pages/Monuments Take the chance to book a page, to keep your important persons in memory Further inf.
Get cooperation partner Cooperation Partners may vividly present their company, society or organisation to the users of Grappt. Book now
QR-Codes: Quite easy handling!
Join our multi functional QR-Codes on various features of Grappt, to enable persons to access Emergency-, Memorial- or Monument-Pages immediately. Display selected information instant and easy. Just link to your company or society via cooperation page. Device-independent, because without APP!
QR-Codes: In case of emergency Create your Emergency Page to allow immediat access in case of emergency.
So, first aid personnel will be enabled to help you fast an efficient. Further inf.
QR-Codes for the obituary Gain a profit from our personal Memorial QR-Code and purchase our premium grave or monument plates for persistant memory.
The Qr-Codes are linked to Memorial- and Monument-Pages of Grappt. Further inf.
WK I : 1914-1918 WK 2 : 1939-1945
coming soon ... encrypted and rekonstructable cloud storage
Our Grappt-Red-Cloud service, the Sarcopagus, will offer you complete innovative possibilities to store and manage even your top secret data. As soon as released, you will be enabled to use the included management of permissions to give you ultimate control upon „who“ is alowed „when“, to access your data on „what way“.
Red Cloud
Encrypted data-containers in your "Red-Cloud" The soon released feature "Red-Cloud" will enable you to store any data as encrypted containers in your personal "Sarcophagus" and assign individual rights upon them to other Grappt-users. You will be alowed to award rights and enable vetos of your trusted persons on Grappt. Look here for further information.