Grappt is platform, working  without any commercials!

Your data is never sold or abused to post advertisement.

​Free and DSGVO conform Messenger inclusive.


From free registration  which supports the value-for-money creation of  Memorial Pages/Monument Pages, Blue Cloud as well as depositing of Emergency Data  and clearly arranged estate administration,  right up to  elaborate high security data storage, Grappt offers the right one for each claim. You can try out the functions of Grappt in Test Mode  und the costs for activation are shown at anytime.

The price calculation follows after whatever you have entered  in " Grapps ". You can purchase the right number of Grapps for you in our Grappt - Shop; and with that activate your selected functions. The current Grapp rate is : 1€ = 100 Grapps (discounts not considered)


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Registration for~~Green Field:   Free Registration for ~~Green Field

  • Input and retrieve the deceased database: free (no advertising)
  • Communication platform (DSGVO conform): free (no advertising)


Code Blue: annual billing, base price 1000 Grapps p.a. (corresponds to approx. 0,83€ per month) in advance incl. data volume of 50MB

  • Memorial Page features und Memorial -QR`s: 500 Grapps p.a.(0,42€ per month)
  • Any number of Emergency Pages: 1000 Grapps p.a.(0,83€ per month)
  • Storage volume-dependent price for data storage in the file manager: Individual, customisable, volume allowance  (scaled prices)
  • Central file manager with simple assignment of "tags" for clear file usage incl.
  • Attachment of files from your file manager (Blue Cloud)  in the communication incl.
  • Upto three links on your preferred webpages are contained in the basic package. Above that, additional link quantities are, of course, bookable.
  • Qr-Codes on various, selectable carrier media with free transmission of the links on the booked  Code Blue Area
  • Individually created pages, special QR-Plaques, QR plinth stones / Tombs …. are creatable according to offer
  • QR-Data transmission to contractual partners, if desired, possible.

As soon as available:



  • additional tokens (Grappt Usb-Sticks) for determination of confidants \ trusted persons: 2000 Grapps per Token (plus shipping)
  • Maintenance of the tokens (checking when last active,  and after a certain time, enquiries by Grappt: 50 Grapps per enquiry)
  • Registration and Multi-split password for the main user's concerns\issues, incl.
  • Secure data with flexible access and unparalleled access to your assignment.10 Grapps per MB/p.a.
  • Personal Sarcophagus for trusted persons: Special price (as they already have tokens)! 1000 Grapps for arrangement and 500 Grapps per annum