As Grappt is a network with several internal links,

please use these guides to create your basic applications. You will be guided step by step.

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Data to return: Your keyring gets lost during an Italian holiday! Is that a real emergency? No!  As soon as you are able to note the loss, you can add your holiday address as New Emergency Data. Assign with the QR Code at your keyring and "Finder" will get your holiday address instead of your medical data.





Create New Emergency Data

You may prepare "loss-data" at home or as soon as you know holiday address. You can even introduce a reward to raise the motivation of a finder to return item. ( Medical data is not important and should not be added).






Assign those Emergency Data to the "Loss- Page" you create in Create Emergency Page  (Name e.g. "Loss-Page")...





...with the QR-Code Carrier at your keychain by activating check box in  Emergency Pages in column "Assign QR-Codes"

Save assignment...