More than only a Name and a Date

Genealogy (Search Deceased) is part of Grappt without any fees. In Green Field you can register cimetaries, post pictures of tombs or search for deceased..


When an important person to you has died, you can create a Memorial Page (next to the entry of the date of death) in order to commemorate the departed. A QR Code links you directly onto your booked Page. You can also build in audio, video data and text; and create links onto this Page; and you can decide (as long as you have booked the Memorial Page), whether others may also be able to submit data there too - or not.


You are able to create your own Memorial Page during your live time as you yourself know best what was important in your life.


As an owner of a grave headstone or a memorial, you can order a Memorial QR-Code Plate, which can be listed for all the people in the resting place with Grappt. The QR Code is flexibly assigned with clear, summarised explanations and deals with all types of death commemoration (whether family grave or war memorial, small cemetry or larger soldier cemetry).


Everything that commemorates the memory of the deceased can be submitted as a Memorial in the Personal Data area. For example, this may include the announcement of death, the creation of the monument, dedicated memorial cards and a description of the family history...


Die Anbringung von QR-Codeträgern (im Shop eine Auswahl davon)  auf Denkmälern und Gräbern ist nur dem Besitzer bzw. dem Verantwortlichen gestattet. Bitte vor der Anbringung zwingend abklären, ob die Erlaubnis vorliegt.