Grappts free database of the deceased:

Search for deceased persons and their life stages in the Grappt deceased database.

Use Grappt's deceased search for free and without registration. Visit virtual gravesites or memorial pages of the deceased.

In the person details you receive information about life and family of the deceased as far as these data are known and were entered.

Enter deceased persons in their memory so that they are not forgotten.

First, check if a deceased already exists in the database. If you do not find a match, you can enter the data you know personally (or from gravestone inscriptions, death pictures, cleared gravestones, war memorials, encyclopedias, etc.) and enter further details.

As the first entrant you will receive the right of maintainership of the entered deceased. You are entitled to upload a grave picture to the person details page and to add to the data at any time.

If a deceased person already exists at Grappt, you can change and add data, but the change request will only be accepted if the current maintainer agrees to it.

Alternatively, you can submit a takeover request to the maintainer and receive the administration of the deceased person after approval of the maintainer, if applicable, immediately or after an "inactivity period" of 6 months if the maintainer does not actively decide.

Write condolences and comments

Sign condolence books on memorial pages, post comments on memorial pages.

Ask a maintainer about details of a deceased person or discuss it in a group.

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