Covid-19 Dynamic Public Study:
Disease / Vaccination effect / Antibodies

With the collection of your data, you contribute to quickly obtain reliable scientific data regarding a "safe" antibody concentration for individual virus variants. You can also help to uncover correlations between vaccination effect, symptoms, risk factors and previous diseases for newly occurring mutations within a very short time.

Take part in our study anonymously and free of charge. Enter all "Covid-19 events", such as diseases, vaccinations, antibody tests or quarantines and enter the currently available risk factors, as soon as you have registered on Grappt.

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The data disclosed by you according to Art. 9 para 2 lit. e) DSGVO will be stored anonymously and can be supplemented, edited or deleted by you AT ANY TIME. You can additionally protect your data via "Code-Blue" through dual authentication (account security). Data that would allow an assignment of your "risk factors" or "habits" to your person will NEVER be shared.

Participate directly in our public study

Enter any number of "subjects" as the "study director" .

This function allows you (e.g. as a doctor) to create as many test persons as you wish. An individual QR code with password protection generated for this purpose also allows persons not registered with Grappt to enter, edit or delete their Covid-19 data.

The responsible role of study director will only be unlocked upon request and verification of your integrity by Grappt.

You can additionally protect your subject data via "Code-Blue" by dual authentication (account security) .

Create the statistical analysis according to your personal interests!

Which virus variant causes which symptoms in whom, which vaccination shows which effect in whom, how many antibodies do you have after a vaccination and for how long?
In the public area you can create statistics that interest you. (The more records are entered, the more meaningful the result. The evaluation function is activated as soon as sufficient data records are available for a meaningful statistical analysis.)
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